Kudos for an excellent movie !

This kind email was sent to director Jim Fleigner on 15th May 2007

Hello Jim.

First, let me say kudos for an excellent movie!

I rent movies from Netflix. Every now and then when it gets slow at work, I look at some new stuff available, then go to "IMDB.com" to dig deeper into a movie before I decide to place it in the queue. I can not recall if I was on Netflix or IMDB, but one of them had "Rounding First" as a recommendation.

In my opinion, a good movie has to "grab" you right away, hold your attention, keep you interested, and take you on an emotional rollercoster. In other words, make you feel happy, sad, mad, joyous, scared, etc. This movie did all that without having to use bad language, sex, violence and the like. It is truly a family film with moral values that a person of most any age will enjoy. It is sad that more quallity films like this aren't made. The cast was great. I hope your future projects will be as successful and enjoyable as I found "Rounding First". Most excellent!

- MikeD-



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