Nothing but praise for Rounding First ...

A review by
Nelson B.
San Francisco, CA
19th March 2007

Rounding First is an independent film that showcases three 12-year-old boys who abandon baseball camp in order to track down one of the boy’s parents whose reason behind a trip is kept from Joe, the son of the parents in question. Curiosity behind this secret trip is what prompts the boys’ departure from summer boyhood fun to a long and troublesome journey.

I am glad I came across Rounding First because the piece featured elements of story that interested me some of which include but are not limited to the following: confrontation with peers, 1980’s setting, attempts by parents to discourage certain friendships, dealing with difficult situations without adult intervention, to name a few.

The film is unique in that it differs from other coming-of-age pieces that are about children, however, not for children. The film-maker was successful in accomplishing the task of creating a genre piece that was free of profanity, sex, violence and the like, making it a family friendly film. I have nothing but praise for Rounding First.

The above review by Rounding First fan, Nelson B. from San Francisco , a former film student who majored in Creative Writing. Nelson was fortunate enough to receive an autographed headshot from Soren Fulton himself , and his capsule review of Rounding First presented here is an extract from his longer opus on Rounding First . To read his well researched and written article on Rounding First, and to see a larger scan of Soren's autographed photo ascribred to Nelson, click here , or click Soren's photo above.



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