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If you want to see a film that is intelligent , life-affirming , and with tremendous heart , you must see Rounding First . Full Review

Daniel Chia


A good story well worth telling ... about the dark secrets that only parents can keep, and the deep friendship that only twelve year olds can understand... Full Review


I have nothing but praise for Rounding First. Full Review

Nelson B.
San Francisco, CA


Within the souls of the three main characters we find us all. A true coming-of-age film, it allows us to live and breathe once more the pitfalls and snafu's, the exuberant joys and embarrassments of our youth - through our youth! Full Review

Russel Trunk's Exclusive Magazine

Rounding First is an enjoyable, charming and engaging film that has understandably been compared to Stand By Me but which possesses enough originality to stand alone rather than as a clone of the previous film. A treat. Full Review



Take the opportunity to give this film your time and you'll be rewarded with a very personal take on the coming-of-age movie, and a diverting account of the lasting strength of friendship. Full Review


Rounding First is a wonderful and required experience for everyone to enjoy. It is impossible for me to not recommend this heartfelt film. Full Review

Rob Visser
(www.poppedcorn.com, Netherlands)

"Every so often a movie comes my way that is outside of the mainstream, but only because the mainstream is moving in the wrong direction. Full Review


Having been aware of the movie for almost two years and following it's progress - as well as having some inside scoop on the plot - I had been eagerly awaiting this film's release. I can say that the movie lived up to my expectations, and more. Full Review


Brilliant US coming-of-age film that explores the relationship between parents and children and about how and when to tell the truth. . Full Review


More than just nailing the era, the film tells a timeless story about friendship, loyalty and courage. Every parent should watch it with his or her children. Full Review

Will Avery (De Haan, Belgium)

Three boys break out from summer camp to uncover their familiesí sad secrets. An impressive comedy threesome in a film about friendship and the lies parents tell. Full Review


"Rounding First" is not your usual kid's film...Two of the young actors, Soren Fulton and Matt Borish give great preformances. I give this film a high rating and suggest it for both kids and parents. Full Review

Geoffrey A. Mcgeoch (NC USA)

Rounding First is a unique, original character study which features some beautifully rendered performances by a uniformly impressive cast. Full Review

Robert J. Ramos
(Long Pond, PA)

Truly a family film with moral values that a person of most any age will enjoy. It is sad that more quallity films like this aren't made. Full Review

MikeD ( USA)

After reading about what you went through to make it I decided to buy a copy to show my support. Maybe you can make another some day . Full Review

Rob ( USA)


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