The Rounding First Tribute Site has been an exciting work-in-progress that I have been proud to be associated with . If you haven't been with us from the beginning , I hope that you enjoy this archive of all the news all the from our launch date on 14th November 2006 .

Daniel Chia, Webmaster

21st March 2007: I hope you all have enjoyed the Interview with Jim Fleigner which was launched last week, which has been extremely well received. Many thanks for your support ! In the meantime, I've been hard at work putting the finishing touches to a brand new section highlighting the brilliant young actor Matt Borish, who played Tiger in Rounding First , complete with exclusive interview , audio message from Matt and full resume . I also want to thank Nelson B. from San Francisco , CA, who sent in a great review of Rounding First which I hope you will all enjoy ! Oh , and one more bit of news ... due to popular demand, the closing date for the Official Rounding First Sweepstakes 2007 has been extended to 30th June 2007 , to give our many new viewers a chance for them to qualify for the sweepstakes . If you have yet to receive your virtual sweepstakes ticket, don't worry, they will be on their way to you hopefully soon ! Click on the banner below for more details about the sweepstakes !

13th March 2007: FINALLY .... the transcript of our 2 hour Interview with Jim Fleigner, writer/director of Rounding First , is online, together with a brand new section all about Jim and his work . What a fascinating look at Jim's 10 year journey as an independant filmmaker to date .... take your time to enjoy the many insights he has about the industry ....

12th March 2007: More exciting news ! While we put the finishing touches to a brand new section about director Jim Fleigner , with his interview as the exclusive showcase of the new section, we've managed to secure yet another exclusive interview ! At 7.30 pm Eastern Time this evening, I will have the privilege to talk to Matt Borish , the intense young actor who played Tiger in Rounding First ! Our grateful thanks as always to Jim Fleigner for putting us in touch with young Matt and his father Arnold Borish, who kindly consented to our interviewing Matt.

5th March 2007: Just to let everyone know, I am still hard at work transcribing Jim's fantastic 2 hour interview that he granted us on 9th February 2007 ! I know it's coming up to a month already, my apologies , but the interview was so great , we can't just rush the transcription ! I'm more than halfway through it, so I hope to get it to you very soon. In the meantime , here's a great excerpt for you.... SPOILER ALERT though, in case you haven't seen the film ....

Probably the hardest for me personally was the scene in the jury room, when Tiger is crying, and John is crying. Obviously it was a very difficult scene as it was written on the page, but I remember the circumstances under which we shot it were extraordinarily difficult, and it was very emotional for me.
I remember feeling that this was among the most important scenes in the film, and I cared about this scene deeply and I had a very clear idea as to what I wanted. It was so close that you could almost taste it, but the circumstances under which we had to shoot the scene were just so difficult, that I was so panicked that we wouldn't get there. That was the second to last day of the shoot, and I was physically and mentally exhausted, and I felt, we had come this far, and to not get it now would be a tragedy, and that was very, very difficult for me. I remember that I was so insecure and vulnerable, that I went over to John and Matt and tried to give them directions, but I was largely incapable of doing so because I was crying so much. And I remember Matt looking at me and saying, "Don't worry, Jim, this film is going to be a big success, and you're going to make a lot of money off of it." Which was such a mad comment to make at that moment and I remember I went back to the monitor, and they just sat there and cried their eyes out in front of the camera, both John and Matt, and I was crying along with them. I was so proud of that scene, because it was the best example of where the circumstances were so extreme, but yet when you needed it the most, everybody was able to give of themselves in a way that made the scene outstanding. - Jim Fleigner

14th February 2007: It's been quite a while since we updated you on news about Rounding First, but not hearing from us doesn't mean that nothing's been happening .... in fact, it's been quite the contrary ! We have lots of exciting news for you, some which we can release now, and some which we can only release when the time is right . We've done a fantastic 2 hour interview with director Jim Fleigner which we are hard at work transcribing right now, and which we hope to bring to you within the next 2 weeks , and we have a little bit of exciting development which we are dying to tell you about, but which will have to wait for just a little while more. In the meantime , we are excited to announce that all 3 of Jim Fleigner's short films, which he did before Rounding First, are now available by popular demand, and at the request of this Tribute Site, on collectible DVDs which you simply must get ! To find out more about the short films and what's available on the collectible DVDs , click on the banner below !

17th January 2007: We are proud to finally bring you our candid conversation with Deborah Lee Johnson and to feature this lovely actress in a special section all her own ! She has some really interesting anecdotes to share with us about the filming of Rounding First, and this is one interview no fan will want to miss !

15th January 2007: "The film industry is always so surprising, and never more surprising than when a small little film has so much more to say, over much of what you find in the mainstream channels. Off the radar for most, an immediate gem for anyone willing to discover it, "Rounding First" tells a worthwhile story about a journey of discovery for three twelve year old boys. With this initial offering and obvious labour of love, writer/director Jim Fleigner has crafted a story that feels both familiar, and yet is compelling enough with a powerful ending that sets it apart. " Don't miss the FULL REVIEW of Rounding First by Fair of Canada .

10th January 2007: They say good things are well worth waiting for ! Well, I've been promising to bring you interviews with Deborah Lee Johnson and Sam Semenza , and I appreciate so much everyone's patience . We are really excited today to present to you our interview with Sam Semenza, which we know you will enjoy ! Don't miss his specially recorded audio message to you fans , and if you could drop by our forum later to leave a message for Sam , or to ask him more questions , I'm sure he will appreciate hearing from you all ! Enjoy !

25th December 2006 : Just in time for Christmas, we are extremely pleased to launch our new section on the award winning music of Rounding First, with the original soundtrack score composed and conducted by the hugely talented and amazingly passionate Ludek Drizhal , complete with a specially recorded message by Ludek Drizhal to all fans of Rounding First, and of course, the long awaited interview with Ludek Drizhal ! We hope you enjoy it!



19th December 2006 : Many thanks to everyone for your patience ! I have some great news ! The interview that I have done with Rounding First composer Ludek Drizhal is now completed, transcribed and the section on Ludek and the Rounding First music is 90% completed ! Director Jim Fleigner and Ludek himself have already seen the work done on the new section , and have given their thumbs up and full approval ! The section is going to be launched VERY SOON, probably this weekend , as soon as I receive some new images to go with the section . In fact, I just got off Skype with Ludek himself, and I should receive the images by Friday hopefully . Not only that, I have also just completed an interview with actress Deborah Lee Johnson and am now transcribing it , so her section should go online hopefully in a week's time. One last piece of great news ! Sam Semenza is now in contact with me, and I will be interviewing him over the next few days ! Lots of exciting stuff coming up real soon ! I promise you that your patience will be rewarded.

11th December 2006 : We have a WINNER ! For full details of the winning entry and the correct answer to the trivia question about Rounding First , check the results of the Rounding First contest !

10th December 2006 : The first Rounding First Contest is now officially ended ! We are collating the results now and will announce the winner of the signed Rounding First photo tomorrow ! Check back to see if you have won !

8th December 2006 : The ROUNDING FIRST TRIBUTE SITE is extremely pleased to announce the launch of the Official Rounding First Sweepstakes 2007 ! In celebration of the launch of this Tribute site on 14th November 2006 , we are running this Official Rounding First Sweepstakes which will give everyone here a chance to win some really rare and wonderful Rounding First movie memorabilia ! The Rounding First Sweepstakes runs from now until 31st March 2007 ! Click on the banner for more details !

4th December 2006 : Phew... I did an hour long interview with Rounding First composer Ludek Drizhal on Friday 1st December 2006 at 10am LA time , and Ludek was amazingly candid in his interview. He's shared a tremendous amount of information with me regarding the writing of the Rounding First soundtrack, and I am hard at work now transcribing the interview for you all . Do be patient , because I promise you a really great article to read once the transcription process is over !

30th November 2006 : So much has happened in just the past couple of weeks ! The ROUNDING FIRST Tribute Site has been extremely well received, and our hit count just keeps increasing day by day . The official Rounding First Forum is getting very active , with fans from as far away as Italy, Netherlands and Singapore posting their tributes and enjoying quite a number of interesting discussions at the forum. Director Jim Fleigner has been extremely gracious , taking time out of his busy schedule to join us at the forum and to discuss the film with us . Thanks Jim, you're the greatest ! As webmaster, I've been kept busy , not only slowly building up this work-in-progress Tribute site , but I am also preparing to interview maestro Ludek Drizhal about his soundtrack for Rounding First, as well as actors Deborah Lee Johnson , Sam Semenza , and all the way on location for his latest film , Soren Fulton ! In the meantime , to pay Tribute to EVERYONE involved in the filming of Rounding First , I now have the entire END CREDITS for the film archived on this Tribute site . Do take time to check it out, it is my sincere tribute to a hardworking cast and crew who made this terrific film against all odds . Great work everyone !

26th November 2006 : The official ROUNDING FIRST CONTEST is now up and running ! Hurry... click on the picture below for the full picture !

25th November 2006 : The official ROUNDING FIRST TRIBUTE SITE launches today with a brand new URL ! You can now reach us directly at . A Warm welcome to everyone who is visiting this tribute site. The ROUNDING FIRST FORUM is also now open , with a welcome message from director Jim Fleigner , so do drop by the forum and say hi to Jim ! In conjunction with the launch of this tribute site, we are also going to launch an interesting contest where you stand to win a great AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO from Rounding First . The contest will be launched tomorrow, so watch for it . This tribute site is a work in progress, so do check back with us frequently as we bring you interesting interviews , behind the scenes information about the film, and much more in the months to come . We hope you enjoy the tribute site, and if there is anything you want to tell us about the film or the site, don't forget to visit our FORUM .

23rd November 2006 : The third and final teaser went online today, ahead of the official launch of the Tribute site this weekend .

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20th November 2006 : Time Out Magazine, one of London's most popular weekly city guide and event magazines, highlighted just four films in their coverage for the London Children's Film Festival. Fortunately, Rounding First was one of them. Read their mini-review here .

20th November 2006 : The Second Teaser for the Rounding First Tribute Site is launched , this time with the tagline , " 3 Best Friends ... One Remarkable Journey ".

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18th November 2006 : Some great news comes directly from director Jim Fleigner himself ! Rounding First has been chosen as the sole US entry as an "official selection" film at the London Children's Film Festival, which takes place November 18-26 in sixteen cinemas across London. More details here

14th November 2006 : The Rounding First Tribute site launches with its first teaser, featuring the iconic picture of the boys journeying down the freeway ( backs to camera ) set against the haunting
"Joe Cries" theme by composer Ludek Drizhal.

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