Matt Borish : BIOGRAPHY


Matt Borish was born on 13th April 1991 , and at age 12 landed himself the intensely dramatic role of Tiger in the independant feature film Rounding First . " He brought a playfulness, and an intensity, and an element of danger, and an ability to demonstrate extreme vulnerability, all in the same person, which is very rare. " says Rounding First director, Jim Fleigner, of Matt Borish , whose role as Tiger in Rounding First was absolutely integral to the film.

Matt also garnered high praise from the likes of Academy Award winning actress , Hilary Swank, who called his performance in the off Broadway show, Beast on the Moon " Inspirational " .

Matt is now currently taking a break from acting to finish High School and College, but he will definitely be back as he has every intention to make acting a lifelong career .

Till then , we can only wait with bated breath to see what this incredible young actor will have in store for us in future . It will definitely be worth the wait ...



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