Matt Borish : AUDIO


"Yeah , this is Matt " , a nice deep voice replied on the other end of the phone when I asked to speak to Matt Borish .

At 15 going on 16 ( he was born on April 13th, 1991 ) , Matt has changed in more ways than one since he did Rounding First . " I'm older now " he said with a chuckle when I commented on how different he sounded now when compared to how he sounded in Rounding First.

It's not just his voice that has changed . Matt is so much more mature now, more articulate and professional , and it was a joy to interview him on the 12th of March 2007.

Enjoy this really special audio message that Matt has recorded for all fans of Rounding First .

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"Yeah , this is Matt !

I really enjoyed doing this project, and I am really, really happy about the final product , and I think it's a great movie.

I encourage everyone to see it, and I thank you for your support . "



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