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" Hi , this is Jim Fleigner ... the director of Rounding First . Thank you so much for visiting the RF Tribute Site ... it’s an honor to have you here. Rounding First has been a four year journey for me. I wrote the script in 2002, and to finally see it completed is an incredible feeling of accomplishment. It is my hope that you and many more people will enjoy the film.

I want to point out that Rounding First could not have been made without the help of hundreds of cast members, crew, investors, vendors and other supporters. All of these people were the real heroes in getting Rounding First made, and they deserve tremendous credit for supporting this film.

Lastly, I hope you will consider spreading the word about Rounding First to family and friends. We have made a terrific film due to the support of so many people like you, and we are grateful for your support and encouragement.

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the Tribute Site. "



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