Film lovers in the Holy Land of Israel are in for a rare treat in May 2007 , when Rounding First screens at the 5th Annual Eilat International Film Festival which runs from 1st to 5th May 2007.

The 5 day film festival includes both Israeli and world wide acclaimed films, award winning cinema in a variety of genres including children and teen films .

We are so proud that Rounding First will be showcased at such a prestigious international film festival , and without doubt, the film will gain many more new fans in the Middle East after its screening !

Rounding First will be one of three films simultaneously closing the Festival, at Eilat Theatres (Hall 3) on Saturday May 5 at 12 noon. This is an extremely prestigious time slot , because these films are chosen to close the festival on a high note. It is indeed a great honour for Rounding First that it has been chosen to close the festival


Here is the current list of confirmed films for the festival .... including Rounding First !


It's interesting to see how many countries are being represented by their films , making this a truly international film festival !



The following is the entire 5 day schedule for the festival . It is indeed an honour that Rounding First has been chosen as one of the 3 films that will close the festival , and it will certainly help close the festival on a high note !

A closer view of the schedule for the closing day of the festival :

We'll bring you more news about the screening of Rounding First at the Eilat International Film Festival as we get them ! Watch this space ...


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