Jim Fleigner's Feature Length Film : ROUNDING FIRST

The Rounding First DVD is a full-featured single disc DVD with Widescreen Presentation (1.85:1) of the film . It comes with the following Special Features :

Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
Director's Audio Commentary
Three Deleted Scenes
Press Interviews
Hidden Easter Egg!

The Special Features are extremely enjoyable , especially the Director's Audio Commentary . Writer/Director/Editor Jim Fleigner is obviously extremely passionate about his work on Rounding First , and in his director's commentary gives the viewer a fascinating behind-the-scenes peak into why the film was made that way , and why certain scenes were shot the way they were. If you are interested in the world of independant film making, Jim Fleigner's commentary for Rounding First makes the perfect primer. His commentary also gives insight to the film itself, and I found myself looking forward to seeing the film yet again after listening to his commentary .

The Behind-the-Scenes featurette is great , especially the interviews with young actors Soren Fulton and Matt Borish . Again , you can see how passionate the actors were about the script and film , and it makes you appreciate the film even more , hearing the actors speak of their roles . There were also hilarious moments in the featurette, involving Sam Semenza , and Soren Fulton's closing remarks about his wardrobe were just too funny !

The Deleted Scenes were important, as they added to the story and gave insight to some of the main characters in the story . They were cut from the final version of the film for the sake of better pacing , but I was glad that they were included in the Special Features of the DVD .

It was also great to see some press (TV ) interviews with Jim Fleigner, Soren Fulton and Matt Borish being included on the DVD .

Jim Fleigner did the DVD authoring for this DVD presentation of the film himself , and I was thrilled to discover that he had included a very nice easter egg on the DVD .


The Rounding First DVD is available directly from the Official Rounding First Store (do check out their other Rounding First collectibles including Soundtrack CDs , signed memorabilia and other Rounding First merchandise) . The DVD is also available through Amazon.com . Click on " See All Buying Options " and buy the DVD new from the Amazon Merchant " rounding_first_store " .


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