Jim Fleigner : Official Biography

Official Biography

Jim Fleigner has been writing and directing films for a decade. His short film From the Top of the Key earned a favorable review from Kevin Thomas at the Los Angeles Times and screened at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC along with 15 film festivals worldwide. His short film Last Writes starred actors from The Sopranos, JAG, and ER and was deemed "great fun and very professional" by Peter Bart, Editor-In-Chief of Variety. His screenplays have received various awards and recognition from the Nashville and Austin Film Festivals as well as the Chesterfield Writers Program.

Jim is an unusual filmmaker in that he holds an economics degree from Swarthmore College and MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. He began his career in the film business as an unpaid intern at New Line Cinema, working in film acquisitions, and then moved on to be a Manager of Business Development at Paramount Pictures. Jim has spoken on industry panels at Stanford and UCLA regarding the intersection of business and creative objectives in the film business.

"It is hard to put into words how much of a privilege it is to write and direct motion pictures - whether they are shorts or features," said Fleigner. "Many people in Hollywood are driven by one of four motivations: money, power, sex or fame. I'm generally not interested in any of those things (although a little money for my wife and son would be nice.) Instead, I just love the opportunity to have an emotional impact on people across the world. It is very inspiring, particularly since I feel that I have stories to tell that are ignored by Hollywood yet are resonant with many people."



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