Once in a long while , a film comes along that has such wonderful spirit about it that one cannot help but be caught up with it . Jim Fleigner's 1980s opus, Rounding First, is one such film that has really moved me with its spirit and heart , and I am honoured to be able to do a Tribute to this heartfelt little independant film .

Rounding First is a coming of age film that was made against all odds , a vision of writer and

director Jim Fleigner that refused to die through 4 long difficult years of gestation. At times, lack of funds and other sudden setbacks threatened to derail the production of this film, but it was through sheer conviction by director Jim Fleigner and his crew, and his amazing ensemble of veteran and young actors who really believed in the film, that saw the film through to completion. Critically received with consistently rave reviews , it has inexplicably, and most unfortunately, not received a theatrical run . It is with this travesty in mind that this Tribute Site was born .

Created as a companion site to the Official Rounding First Website , it is my hope that through this Tribute Site , many more film lovers will come to discover this gem of a film , and that it receives the audience that it deserves .

Thank you for supporting this site, and film . If you love films that are intelligent , passionately produced and well acted, you will love Rounding First .

This website is my sincere Tribute to the writer-director, cast , crew and everyone involved in the making of Rounding First ... thank you so much for this wonderful little film ! I know that I will not be alone in my Tribute to you.

Daniel Chia , webmaster

26th November 2008: We've got really good news ! A year ago, we broke the news that Netflix had added Rounding First to their database. Well, it looks like Netflix has received enough interest in the film with customers adding it to their request list, because Netflix has now placed an order for 30 copies of the Rounding First DVD and will be making it available for rental ! This is really an opportune time, with Christmas coming, and with the current financial situation the world is finding itself in, Rounding First is just they type of film that people will need to see, with its inspiring themes and positive values. If you love this film, tell all your friends who are using Netflix to rent the film. Wiith more people requesting the film, perhaps Netflix will order even more DVDs, and this will go a long way to help Rounding First reach the much wider audience it really deserves. Get the word out there, friends, and let's not let this wonderful film be forgotten ! Click on the banner below to get to Netflix....

3rd June 2008: We've now got the full details of the authentic Rounding First memorabilia that will be auctioned off for charity at the Lower Milford Fire Company Carnival 2008 . Best of all, fans of Rounding First who are unable to attend the carnival in person can still help out this good cause by placing absentee bids for the Rounding First memorabilia! Don't miss it! Get your bids in by 11 p.m. EST Friday, June 27, 2008.

Rounding First Memorabilia Charity Auction

23rd May 2008: Hi again, everyone ! Some good news for those of you who are still coveting authentic movie memorabilia from Rounding First. Quite a few pieces of screen used memorabilia and other signed pieces will be up for charity auction at the upcoming Lower Milford Fire Company Carnival 2008, which runs from 25th to 28th June 2008. For more information, click on the carnival button below. Check back soon for further details on what items will actually be available at this charity event which is well worth supporting !

Lower Milford Fire Company Carnival 2008

10th December 2007: Hey everyone ! My apologies for the long silence ... you didn't think this Tribute Site to Rounding First is done, did you ? Well, far from it ! Rounding First is such a wonderful movie, we've still got lots more things planned for this Tribute Site, and you can be sure that we'll be here, endorsing the film, for a long time more to come. First up, our newly set up Rounding First : Fans Across The World Tribute Map. There are a lot of you out there, and we want to find out where exactly you are ! Do take time to visit our Tribute Map and leave your tribute to Rounding First at the map. It would be so great if Jim Fleigner and his wonderful cast and crew can see how much Rounding First is loved and appreciated all around the world. Click on the map below ....

12th August 2007: Well, here are the RESULTS of the Rounding First Sweepstakes 2007 ! We have three VERY fortunate fans who have won the 3 extremely rare pieces of Rounding First memorabilia ! Congratulations to each one of you ! Are you one of the 3 winners ? Well, you'll just have to click on the banner below to find out !

24th July 2007: Hi everyone ! I know that you all have been waiting patiently for the results to the Rounding First Sweepstakes 2007 ! My apologies for not having been able to get the results to you earlier. The good news is that we finally have our 3 winners confirmed ! The 3 winners are being contacted for their shipping addresses, and once that is confirmed, we are going to release all 3 names and to reveal the prizes won . Check your mailboxes, everyone ! Results will be released very shortly !

22nd June 2007: The Official Rounding First Sweepstakes 2007 will end on 30th June 2007 , and the 3 winners of our sweepstakes will be announced shortly after that. Please note that all who qualify for the sweepstakes have been placed on our master list, and no physical or virtual sweepstakes tickets will be issued. 3 numbers will be drawn and matched to the respective name on our master list. If you want to ensure BEFORE the end of the sweepstakes that your name is included in our master list, please email the webmaster ASAP by 29th June 2007 , and I will check your full name and email address against our master list and confirm that you are eligible for the sweepstakes. Please note that the results when announced are final and no further queries will be taken on the sweepstakes results. So, we wish everyone who has participated all the best, and we look forward to announcing the winners of the Official Rounding First Sweepstakes 2007 very soon !

21st June 2007: Dear friends and fans of Rounding First , we need YOUR help! As you know, both Blockbuster as well as Netflix have added Rounding First to their database. However, to actually get the film made available through these two online DVD rental sites, more people need to place Rounding First on their request lists at each of the sites. If you are able to help, please go to both sites and place Rounding First on your lists because this will really help to get the film out to more people who would otherwise not be aware of it. You will be doing a BIG part in helping to increase awareness of the film, and we appeal for your help. Many thanks, everyone ! To help, start by clicking on the respective banners below.

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30th May 2007: Phew , the month sure has whizzed by ! We are still getting real nice emails from folks who are discovering Rounding First for themselves , and emails and reviews of the film such as ones from MikeD and Rod never fail to bring us great encouragement ! Thanks , guys ! In the meantime , more and more orders for the DVD are coming in from as far as the Netherlands, which is turning out to be the Number 1 country in Europe in terms of dvd sales of Rounding First ! Oh and I almost forgot to mention that Rounding First is now available for rental on DVD at Blockbuster Online . Check out their cool page for Rounding First here .

24th April 2007: It's been confirmed that Rounding First will be one of three films simultaneously closing the 5th annual Eilat International Film Festival in Israel , at Eilat Theatres (Hall 3) on Saturday May 5 at 12 noon. This is an extremely prestigious time slot, as films are chosen to close the film festival on a high note, which Rounding First most certainly will ! Congratulations to director Jim Fleigner, and all involved in the making of Rounding First ! As I expect that many more film fans from Israel will come to discover this wonderful film, let me be the first to WELCOME our friends from Israel to the Rounding First Tribute Site , as sooner or later, they are bound to find their way here !

13th April 2007: Woohoo !!! Boy , have we got LOTS of great Rounding First News for you this weekend ! First up, and most exciting of all ... Director Jim Fleigner releases some good news through the Rounding First Newsletter dated today ...

Rounding First LLC announced that it has entered into a sales representation agreement with Lonely Seal Releasing for all international territories. This agreement will begin immediately.

Writer-director Jim Fleigner said, “I am thrilled to be working with Lonely Seal. From the moment they viewed the film, they understood and embraced this film’s special qualities. Also, their limited slate of films means that ‘Rounding First’ is more likely to receive an extra degree of personalized attention, which is rare to receive from sales reps yet very valuable to me.”

Lonely Seal CEO Hammad Zaidi said, "The young talent in Rounding First is wonderfully refreshing and we look forward to representing the film internationally."

Lonely Seal will begin marketing the film at MIPTV, the world’s leading market for television rights which takes place April 16-20. It will then be marketed at the Cannes Film Market in early May and other markets throughout the year.

That is indeed great news ! Hopefully, this tie-up with Lonely Seal will see more international markets discovering Rounding First, and perhaps leading to theatrical screenings of the film in countries around the world !

It's not just Lonely Seal that is going to introduce Rounding First to audiences outside of the USA . Rounding First will also be screened theatrically at the prestigious Eilat International Film Festival in Israel which will be held from 1st to 5th May 2007 ! We bring you all the details here .

Finally , Rounding First fan, Nelson B. of San Francisco shares with us his well-researched and beautifully written article, Selected Scene Analysis from the 2005 Coming-of-age film, Rounding First , complete with a great scan of an autographed picture sent to him by none other than Soren Fulton himself ! Click on Soren's photo below to see a higher res version of it....

5th April 2007: I am delighted at being able to bring you our latest section, focusing on young actor Matt Borish, whose portrayal of Tiger in Rounding First was truly integral to the film. Matt was very gracious in granting us a great interview , even though he has been so busy lately , and I am truly grateful for the chance given to interview this intense young actor. My sincere thanks must go to Matt, his father Arnold Borish, and director Jim Fleigner, for all their support ! Enjoy the interview, Matt's specially recorded audio message to all you fans , and my Tribute to Matt Borish .

21st March 2007: I hope you all have enjoyed the Interview with Jim Fleigner which was launched last week, which has been extremely well received. Many thanks for your support ! In the meantime, I've been hard at work putting the finishing touches to a brand new section highlighting the brilliant young actor Matt Borish, who played Tiger in Rounding First , complete with exclusive interview , audio message from Matt and full resume . I also want to thank Nelson B. from San Francisco , CA, who sent in a great review of Rounding First which I hope you will all enjoy ! Oh , and one more bit of news ... due to popular demand, the closing date for the Official Rounding First Sweepstakes 2007 has been extended to 30th June 2007 , to give our many new viewers a chance for them to qualify for the sweepstakes . If you have yet to receive your virtual sweepstakes ticket, don't worry, they will be on their way to you hopefully soon ! Click on the banner below for more details about the sweepstakes !

13th March 2007: FINALLY .... the transcript of our 2 hour Interview with Jim Fleigner, writer/director of Rounding First , is online, together with a brand new section all about Jim and his work . What a fascinating look at Jim's 10 year journey as an independant filmmaker to date .... take your time to enjoy the many insights he has about the industry ....


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